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The initial thoughts behind this site was to divert you from life's realities by engaging your thoughts with the photography, written material in the form of  poetry, essays and short stories.  Just a little escape from out daily lives.

Along with taking your thoughts elsewhere, this site is also intended to showcase material I find of interest and material that has an inherent natural beauty.  I have always enjoyed the spiritually arousing beauty of art presented by the paintings created by great artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Salvador Dali, John Collins and Jill Barton.  We have had numerous great photographers and their works intrigue me endlessly.  Creativity is not only the domain of artists who deliver visual pleasures. Creativity it is the necessity of inventions taking place in laboratories and the concepts created by engineers.  

Our world's secrets continue to be discovered through exploration. Risking the unknown and to explore and broaden my knowledge base, I take the risks! In Hemingway 's words: "What Reward Without Risk?"  I've been know to follow  Ed Abbey's advice when necessary: "Resist Much; Obay Little."  No Trespassing signs that prevent viewing and documenting work from the Ancients, just because on private property is simply wrong.  I take the risk to resist the No Trespassing signs when I feel documenting what is there benefits all of us.

The study of the Ancients, Anasazi, Native Americans in SE Utah, along with back-road travel are my pallets for adventure, exploration and art. Studies of Native Americans of South-East and the eastern portion of Central Eastern Utah allows me to understand a small amount of what these Ancients had to do to survive. In south-east Utah, Hovenweep's civilizations get more intriguing with the more time I spend there. Studying these ancient sites and exploring the art they left on canyon walls, I continue to risk, learn and perhaps gain guidance from the spirits still present but unseen.

I thank Edward Abbey for his influence and motivation to risk. Having personally been in the midst of a wild buffalo herd, twice, has allowed me to realize how huge, yet gentle these magnificent creatures are. Wild Mustangs continue to roam the desert and desolate canyons. I love being in the wild and close to them, and to see they're still free. Because they are wild means not that they intend to harm us. Animals often have a better sense of what we are feeling than the humans around us do. When home, I enjoy my grand kids and wait for them to grow so they can join my adventures; that gene is obvious in their young spirits.

We are losing much of the history tied to structures or devices with the progression of time.  I am engaged in photographically preserving much of what is being lost or disappearing because of progress on www.backroadsutah.com.  That site is presently under construction, and like this site, once up and operational, it will continue to be under construction.

Following a wonderful business career I have returned my focus to photography, writing, archaeology and the study of the Ancient Native Americans often referred to as the Anasazi.. Photography as an art form drives me to capture and create images of natural beauty. Writing, an even greater challenge, keeps the mind active. Hopefully my literary efforts, some controversial, are engaging, enjoyable and some, thought provoking. Photographs have always allowed us to broaden our horizons and escape our confined societal realities.

My last business venture was to to implement a life-saving technologies that prevents accidents, reduces fatalities and injuries to First Responders and Law Enforcement. That project supported by Sec. of Transportation, Ray La Hood was aborted by Anthony Foxx. www.emergencyalertsolutions.com As many have died unnecessarily from the CoronaVirus, so are unnecessary deaths of First Responders because our government will not implement this technology.  

Links take you to material on this site. Feel free to reach out, share your opinion. Please share with us your adventures and send photos.