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The objective of this website is to showcase the beauty of Utah's natural surroundings through art, photography, atypical endeavors, and all other means available.  The content is intended to offer an escape from daily routines by providing artistic, historic, and literary diversions.  Creativity enlightens our spiritual and cognizant awareness by eliminating the mundane.  A slogan I continue to try to live by:  "Never A Dull Moment."

Our world's secrets continue to be discovered through exploration. Risking the unknown broadens our knowledge; Hemingway wrote: "What Reward, Without Risk?"  Edward Abbey advised us to "Resist Much, Obey Little."   Two quotes that somewhat define the life I strive to lead; taking risks and follow the heart, obeying that which must be obeyed.

The remains of Hovenweep and the ancient Anasazi culture gets more intriguing with each visit to the four-corners region. By studying such ancient sites and exploring art on canyon walls in the form of etchings, petroglyphs and pictographs from the early inhabitants of the Americas, one gains understanding and perhaps some guidance from the messages carved and painted onto the sandstone.  Intriguing is the one word that best describes these ancient messages found in our wilderness, some dating back 23,000 years. 

In 2019, after several years of extended desert stays in a tent, I moved to Moab, a small Utah town surrounded by two National Parks, numerous State Parks, National Preserves, and National Forests.  Millions of visitors from all countries visit the Four-Corners region to enjoy the many wonders found in our desert regions.  After two years of rural desert life, that endless highway rolled me back to my beloved Holladay home where I continue to study the history and little-known culture of the Anasazi who migrated to the Four-Corners region more than 2,000 years ago.  I teach a course on the Anasazi and their six villages of Hovenweep with the University of Utah's Lifelong Learning Center. The next class is in June 1, 2024.  Come join us.
In 2018 I retired from retirement, and placed my focus on education, my first career upon graduating from the U of U in 1978.  I teach in local secondary schools when there is a need, and I teach courses about the Anasazi at the U of U.  Sadly, the American history taught in our public schools does not go back much further than the arrival of Cortez and Columbus  Those who called America home, prior to the arrival of the Europeans are largely forgotten in what is taught in our public schools. Research conducted in 2023 - 2024 indicates that <10% of secondary education students have heard of the Anasazi culture that was prevalent in the four-corners region.  I am working with the Utah State Board of Education to develop curriculum for our High School History classes.

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