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The objective of this website is to help move your thoughts toward the beauty of our natural surroundings, the arts, photography, and other matters of interest.  The material should offer an escape from your daily routines by providing photographic and literary diversions. Showcasing the natural beauty that surrounds us is intended to stimulate creativity.  Creativity delivers us from the mundane and enlightens our spiritual and cognizant awareness.

Our world's secrets continue to be exposed through exploration. Risking the unknown broadens our knowledge of our world. Hemingway said: "What Reward Without Risk?"  Edward Abbey advised us to "Resist Much, Obey Little."  

The remains of Hovenweep's ancient cultures gets more intriguing with each visit. By studying such ancient sites and exploring the art on canyon walls in the form of etchings, petroglyphs and pictographs, one may gain guidance from the spirits that were carved and painted onto the sandstone.  Intriguing is the only word that best describes these ancient messages, some dating back to BC 4,000.

In mid-2020, I to move from my beloved Holladay, UT. home to Moab, Utah.  Moab is a small town surrounded by the splendor of five National Parks, numerous State and National Preserves, and National Forests.  Millions of visitors from all countries visit the parks and to enjoy these wonders.  After two years in the desert, the endless highway is taking me back home to my beloved Holladay and the woman I love.  My little house is on the very eastern edge of Moab, allows hiking into the wild by walking out the front door.  Wonderful as being at the very edge of the wild, there are shortcomings that cause me to return to my prior home in Holladay, Utah. 
Prior to moving to Moab, my last business venture was the development and implementation and envivo testing of a new life-saving technologies that will prevent accidents, reduced fatalities and injuries to First Responders and Law Enforcement. The project was encouraged and had manpower support provided by then, Secretary of Transportation, Ray La Hood, who assured a grant would cover the engineering expenses and reimburse sums I personally provided for product development, approximately $400,000. That project was aborted by Anthony Foxx, former Mayor of Atlanta, when he was appointed Secretary of Transportation by President Obama.  For details on this life-saving technology, visit www.emergencyalertsolutions.com.   

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