In 1979 I undertook my first attempt at writing a novel - Bad Timing, spending several hours per day on my portable Olympic electric typewriter. The novel was finished in 1982 and gracefully rejected by publishers. My personal accomplishment overpowered the rejections.  The manuscript was lost for thirty-six years and rediscovered in mid-2018, in an old moving box as I began downsizing.  Reading through it, I gained a new appreciation for words typed on beautifully textured cotton-bond paper along with determining that the content of the novel has merit and needed to be revisited.

That novel provided confidence in my ability to write.  During that same period, I penned numerous articles for local and regional publications and garnered by-lines. For the Salt Lake Tribune I wrote numerous travel articles; occasionally garnering the front page in Sunday's Travel Section. Utah Holiday Magazine published a number of articles I wrote.. Expression Magazine provided me my first interview-based article focused on Utah artist, Margret Card. Utah Business asked me to pen a piece on Salt Lake City's economic loss when the proposed Rolling Stones concert at the University of Utah Football Stadium was declined by our civic leaders.  I traveled to the Stone's concert in Boulder to gather data related to the associated economic loss. In December 1993 I had the honor of interviewing Chip Davis, founder of Mannheim Steamroller for The Event Magazine. I believe that was the best piece I wrote during that period. It was published in The Event and in Penthouse. Chip Davis sent me a very complimentary letter thanking me. Most articles published included my photography. 

During this same period, I began ascending the corporate ladder and it was not difficult to comprehend which provided a greater return on my investment of time.  In the corporate world I enjoyed all the writing experience one could ask for; press releases, business related articles, company directives, manuals, memorandums, etc., I wrote prolifically as I scaled that ladder, and realized my writing skills were paying off in a much different way than I' had previously desired or thought possible, and I did not have to schlep books. 

The outcome of writing and creating management training manuals for Sprint Communications resulted in the creation of material I relied on as I wrote and published my first marketable book, Successful Management 101; The Manager's Manual, available on Amazon.  The revised, second edition is scheduled for release in late-2023.

I am in the final stages of finishing a book of poetry and prose, POEMS OF LOVE & HATE. which has a 2023 release scheduled.

Setting a time to write has changed, as my brain seems to often take control of when I write: "I do not summon words, they come for me."   

                            "Inspiration knows not how to tell time.
                                                   she comes whenever she wants...….."

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Medicine Man   
Many years ago, in a rustic diner in Ruidoso, a small village in the mountains of New Mexico, I spent an evening with an Apache elder.........
Does it have merit?
Did it ever have merit?
Is it not simply a means of telling us of incidents ..............
    Poetry and Prose
    2023 Release
Successful Management 101
     Available on Amazon
     Second Edition available September 2023
Years of doing the right thing is commendable. Most functioning at his level in society do that; they do the “right thing”...…….
Most my life, I have worked at becoming an accomplished writer. Having had no involvement within the literary community, ever, and studied nothing other than the required English courses in college, I ventured out on my own, knowing I could overcome obstacles encountered. English was not my first language.
  Poetry and Prose
  2023 Release