In 1979 I undertook my first attempt at writing a novel, Bad Timing.  I devoted two to three hours per week-day to my portable electric Olympic typewriter. I succeeded. The novel was finished in 1982 and gracefully rejected by publishers.. But my accomplishment overpowered the rejections.  That manuscript was lost until mid-2018 and after discovering it in a tattered old moving box, I gained a new appreciation for words typed on bond paper.

It was that first novel that provided me the confidence that I actually could write.  During that period of time I penned numerous articles for local and regional publications and garnered a number of by-lines. The Salt Lake Tribune's publisher recognized my skill at writing travel articles and gave me the front page in their Sunday Travel Section every other Sunday for a couple of years. Utah Holiday Magazine published several articles. Expression Magazine provided me my first interview based article on Utah artist, Margret Card. Utah Business had me write a piece on Salt Lake's economic loss incurred when the Rolling Stones concert that could have been held at the University of Utah Football Stadium was declined; I was sent me to Boulder to gather data related to the associated economic loss to Salt Lake City. I had the pleasure of interviewing Chip Davis, founder of Mannheim Steamroller for The Event, and I believe that was the best piece I'd written during that period. It was published in The Event and in Penthouse. Most articles included my photographs.  I will always thank Tom McCarthy, Salt Lake Tribune publisher for recognizing I could write and giving me the opportunity to become a published author.  

During this period I also began ascending the corporate ladder and it was not difficult to comprehend which provided a greater return on my investment of time.  In the corporate world I had all the writing experience one could ask for, writing press releases, business related articles, company directives, manuals, etc., as I progressed up the corporate ladder.  I realized my writing skills were paying off in a different way than I'd previously thought possible and I didn't have to schlep books. 

The outcome of writing and creating management manuals for one of America's largest companies resulted in the creation of the material I referred when as I wrote and independently published my first book, Successful Management 101; The Manager's Manual, available on Amazon.  The second edition is scheduled for release in September 2019.

In 2018 I found another original manuscripts, Blizzard in Miami. It had been packed in a trunk in 1985 when we moved to a new house in Holladayand contrary to what I believed for the past thirty-plus years, both books that had been lost for three decades are good stories that need polishing. I am transferring Bad Timing from analog to digital and editing during that process.  I am also in the final stages of finish a small book of poetry and prose, Love & Disdain. that I expect to release in 2019.

Setting a time to write is not like it was in the past, as my brain seems to have taken control of when I write.  I have said to friends when I missed engagements: "I do not summon words, they come for me."  Fortunately, most understand.  

                            "Inspiration knows not how to tell time.
                                                   She comes whenever she wants...….."

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Medicine Man   
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Did it ever have merit?
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    Poetry and Prose
    Late-2019 Release
Successful Management 101
     Available on Amazon
     Second Edition available September 2019
Years of doing the right thing is commendable. Most functioning at his level in society do that; they do the “right thing”...…….
As long as I can recall, I have worked at becoming an accomplished author. Having had no involvement within the literary community, ever, and nothing other than the required English courses in college, I ventured out on own, knowing I would overcome obstacles once encountered.