Photography provides a palate that surprises us when we least expect it,  turning an image frozen in time, into art.          
  Black & White photography is an art form in its truest sense as it delivers the results of the creative process utilized to get the many shades of gray between absolute black and white correct for that photo with the objective of delivering a cerebral impact on those viewing the photo. 
​ Enjoy the art on this page.  I do not use PhotoShop to modify or enhance my photos.  What you see is the image captured by my Nikon camera with minimal contrast and color correction. 

Copyright © 2011-2023 Raymond Cannefax - All rights reserved.
Kauai Morning
Crack Open Your Shell of Creativity
River & Stone. Colorado River near Moab, UT
Angry Iris
Urban Blight - Photo by Ginny Mageras
Landsberg Waterfall
Helper, Utah Art Festival August 2022.
Beauty Abounds.  Evening Colors - North Shore, Oahu 
Gentle Succulent
Barcelona Chessmen
North Shore Messiah 
Curves on a Stick, Santa Cruz Boardwalk 
Treasure Hunt Jackpot

Vincent by Ginny Mageras
Tree of Light with Moon Rising
Hey, I'm over here.....
Sego Canyon Pictographs near Green River, Utah

Desert Fill Up, Highway 191 near Price, UT
Cotton Bottom 2016
Water from Sand
What goes up must... - Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Thunderbird under wrap
Santa Cruz Boardwalk III
La Sal Sunset
Burning Sky - Maui 
Stairs - University of Utah 
Rail Car
Landsberg Blue Door 
Holladay Blue Door 
Touching Vincent's Sky
Harley-Davidson FXR Tank by Vincent

#8 - Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Photographer Ginny Mageras
Bluff Balloon Festival
KaneCreek Petroglyph
Landsberg Medieval Wall 
Beehive Condominiums
Summer Storm - Oquirh Mountains
Park City 2009
Wind = H2O
Bull's Eye
Apache Motel, Moab, UT

Green River
The Price is Right
#25 HP Bugeye Sprite Race Car
Bonzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, HI
Max the Cat 
Flowers & Ginny at Albion Basin, Alta, Utah
Windmill near Hovenweep National Monument.  Best of Show, B&W, UDNR Photo Contest, Dec. 2022.
Chicken Ranch, West-central Utah, near Goshen, UT
Monument Valley
The Great Panel pictograph in the depths of Horseshoe Canyon. Estimated to be more than 2,000 years old.
Art in the form of a Petroglyph in Sego Canyon region. There is a message! A King and Queen and a chart at the left - astronomical or geographic direction?
Helper, UT. August 2022. 
Making Honey, Step 1
Moab Balloon Festival - January 2022
Monument Valley Monuments 
Colorado River Road
Navajo Nation Watering Hole
Wild Mustangs on Navajo Nation
Albion Basin, Alta, UT June 12, 2017
What is presently called Graffiti is referred to as Pictographs in those great paintings by the Anasazi.
La Sal Sunrise
Copyright © 1970 Raymond Cannefax
Topaz Japanese Internment Camp 1943, Delta, UT
Goshen, UT Tintic Reduction Mill