PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO - The never ending quest for excellence.
Photography:  At about the age of four I was handed a camera to take a family photo.  Photography has intrigued me ever since. Ansel Adams' work helped me understand the many shades of gray between black & white, and the impact of contrast.  B&W continues as my biggest challenge, and digital color, is not far from that challenge.  The attention to detail required by photography transferred directly to my business ventures, where blurred results were as unacceptable as blurred photos.   

This portfolio shows the range of photographic art I have and continue to attempt to create. The Architectural-Photography-Specific website at provide fee structures and showcases our work.

I am available for reasonable assignments. If travel is required, reimbursement is part of the deal.                                if you have specific photographic needs which others are unable to provide. 

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Architecture is the 3-dimensional embodiment of the creativity of an artist/engineer.  The beauty of architectural designs often goes unnoticed as we drive past or enter these wonderful creations.  
Architects give us, on a grand scale, what most other artists provide in  manageable packages - sculpture, paintings, etc.