PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO - A never-ending quest for excellence.
At the age of four or five I was handed a Leica to take a family photo.  Photography has intrigued me ever since.  Ansel Adams' photos helped me understand the many shades of gray between black & white, and the importance of contrast.  B&W remains my biggest challenge.  Digital color editing is not far from that challenge.   Photography was gradually becoming a disregarded art form until the iPhone.  iPhone cameras have given virtually everyone the ability to capture anything and everything in digital format; though there will always be pictures, the majority will not be art, but will become memories to cherish!  My recent purchase of a vintage NIKON FT will allow me to begin working in a darkroom again, with my focus on B&W. 

I am available for select assignments. If travel is required, reimbursement of all expenditures will be necessary.  I am able to meet specific photographic needs which others are unable to provide due to my extensive background and flexibility.  I do not do portrait work unless tied to the proper setting or individuals engaged in sport.  I do have access to an exceptional portrait photographer.

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Architecture is the 3-dimensional embodiment of the creativity of an artist/engineer.  The beauty of architectural designs often goes unnoticed as we drive past or enter these wonderful creations.  
Architects give us, on a grand scale, what most other artists provide in  manageable packages - sculpture, paintings, etc.
Portfolio Page 1, provides a spectrum of the photographic art I have created and continue to create. Photographing the four-corners region provides subject matter that cover centuries, and an assortment of colors that span the color spectrum. I do not do studio portrait photography.