PHOTOGRAPHY - The never ending quest for excellence.
This page shows the variety of my photographic art and what I produce to meet client needs.  My fee schedule is based on individual projects.  If travel is necessary, travel expense reimbursement is expected.  My Architectural-Photography-Specific website at provides specific fee structures and additional work.

Photography:  As a child I was handed a camera to take a family photo and photography has intrigued me ever since. Ansel Adams' work helped me understand the many shades of gray between black & white, and the impact of contrast.  B&W continues as my biggest challenge.  The attention to detail required by photography transferred directly to my business ventures, where blurred results were as unacceptable as blurred photos.   

I am proficient at most photo disciplines: Landscape, Sports/Action, Architecture, Documentary, Artistic, Portraiture, Archaeological

I will consider challenging assignments, domestic and international.  Contact me using the Contact Form 

In 2020 I will photograph remnants of structures left  by ancient Americans, the Anasazi, 1,100 BC to AD 1,300, and indigenous rock art.

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  Architecture is the 3-dimensional embodiment of the creativity of an artist/engineer.  The beauty of architectural designs often goes unnoticed as we drive past these wonderful creations, or enter them.  
Architects give us on a grand scale what most other artists provide in a small and more manageable package.