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Joey Dunlop - Isle of Man
2/25/52 - 6/2/2000
Ross Tuffli
The WHO 
Angels Stadium
WHO but Roger Daltry, Keith Moon, Peter Townsend and John Entwistel could rock a stadium like these guys. - Anaheim, Angels Stadium
The Rolling Stones Rock Colorado.  TATTOO YOU Tour   1981
John Sebastian
Dave Zabriski 2009 Tour of Utah
Beth Hamilton - Resting between heats as she competed in the 2009 World Cup of Surfing Championships at Sunset Beach.
A Champion in every sense of that word and now a Mom.. 
Multiple World Champion in multiple series of automobile racing, Mario Andretti is one of racing's greatest characters
Yes, the cigarette was lit as Ross fueled the vintage Harley he races.
Randy Montgomery
1/21/47 - 11/12/99
"Heaven" is the title Randy gave this photo.
          I presume that's precisely what Randy is doing now.
          Ride in Peace my dear friend as you ride through                      eternity.  Ride on Randy, Ride on.......... 

Roger Penske, Rob Dyson and Roger's primary driver.
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Jeff Dee Gentry, Jr., 1958 - 2016
Friend, fellow race car driver, genius, inspiration, and all around great guy.  You are and will always be missed.
Jeff had a compulsion to teach and make everything he touched better, faster and more fun!
Leonard Cohen   1938 - 2016
His music, poetry and prose has inspired me since 1971 and continues as my inspiration to keep putting pen to paper. 
We aged well together my friend and you left us too soon. 
You are missed.
Thank You for Eveyrthing.
Easton Cannefax.  Born 1/18/2015
Jeff Gentry   1958 - March 21.2016
Easter 2017
Kingston Hall  Born 12/22/2017
Sir Sterling Moss, Nov. 1969
Ready for the 535 MPH record run. August 2016
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Ginny Mageras - Mentor, friend, and inspiration.
A brilliant individuals with whom I enjoy conversing about her life-long hair-styling practice, photography, the Universe., and other areas of which she is knowledgeable, like International politics. 
Ginny has an internal beauty that surpasses her physical beauty. Mother of four great kids, M'Lisa, Sarah, Josh & Jeremy, 
Heather Lee Hall-Cannefax.  Born February 25, 2020
The incredible Mr. Chuck Berry 
UTAH JAM at Derk's Field. 
June 1974
Chambers Brothers - UTAH JAM
Cynthia Parkinson with the wonder dog, Casey Jones.
Kingston Hall
Carroll Shelby circa 1996
Mario Andretti retired
from racing in 1991.