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   Bicycle Racing and all its disciplines require enormous human effort, endurance and suffering.  Yet the rider who suffers the most, while giving all, isn't always the winner.   
   Some riders are exceptional in criteriums, others excel at time-trials, others excel at road races, others at track events, hill climbs or mountain bike races. 
    Bicycle racing is one of the most demanding sports and has remained relatively untarnished through its 130+ year history.  Lance Armstrong became the scapegoat as the Cycling Union removed performance enhancing drugs from the sport.  It was common knowledge, such performance enhancers were used by all teams, throughout the sport's history.
   The encouraging words Dave Zabriski yelled to me as he flew past on his ascent up Little Cottonwood Canyon: "Keep 'em turning!"  helped me push just a little harder.  Thanks, Dave.                

Rock Racing  2010
Tour of Utah 2012
Mancebo Criterium Victory - Tour of Utah 2009
Mancebo with Ginny Mageras, Tour of Utah 2009
Dave Zabriski Tour de France Time Trial, 2013
Huntsman Sr. Games 2006 Gold
Mountain Stage finish, TofU 2013
Tour of Utah Criterium, Park City,  2012
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To the victor go the spoils.  Moncebo, 2009
For the love of the bike.
Huntsman Sr. Games Criterium 2006 - W!
Tour of Utah Time Trial, Jeff Louder 2011
Dave Zabriski, TdU Time Trial, 2009
Dave Schletter is a homeless man riding his bicycle across the U.S.A. - California to Main or Florida.  I came across Dave in the middle of nowhere, Leamington, Utah.  We had a lengthy and interesting conversation about his homeless adventures.  God speed to you, Dave, on this remarkable journey without fanfare or a media circus following: 
"Age?!  It's in your head!"
NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!  Rock Racing Team Truck & Ginny.
A philosophy I have subscribed to throughout my life and will never cease practicing.  
Climbing out of Death Valley with temp at about 115
Sr. Games. David Hatt & I battelled throughout this crit.