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    Home of the Ancestral Puebloans, the Anasazi, in America's four-corner region.   Hovenweep became a National Monument in 1923. The six villages on the Cajon Mesa of the Colorado Plateau have amazing architecture similar to that of Mesa Verde's cliff dwelling structures, and was closely affiliated with cliff-dwellers of Mesa Verde.  
    Originally hunter/gatherers, the Anasazi became a sedentary agricultural culture, building villages, created irrigation systems and growing crops for their subsistence.  Research indicates more than 180 individual dwellings and small groups within a 50 mile radius of Hovenweep since A.D. 700.  Hovenweep's stone structures exhibit tremendous engineering and masonry skills employed in the construction of the stone structures found at Hovenweep, structures that remain considerably stable after almost one-thousand years.  
    It is believed that a 23-year draught was the primary cause for the inhabitants of Hovenweep and Mesa Verde abandoning their villages and moving south, leaving their dwellings have uninhabited for hundreds of years before being discovered by white explorers, missionaries and ranchers in the late-1500's.  
    Hovenweep and Mesa Verde were at the pinnacle of the Ancestral Puebloan civilization between A.D. 1050 through A.D. 1320.  There is evidence of mankind inhabiting this region as early as 900 years ago. The transformation from hunter/gatherer to an agriculture prevalent lifestyle is believed to have begun circa 700 AD.  
     The University of Utah's Lifelong Learning is offering lectures on Hovenweep, and on the Anasazi inhabitants of the four-corners region in June and September, 2023.  There will be emphasis on the Anasazi culture during these courses.  Come join us.

Cajon Village structures & pictographs near possible grain storage structures. Some these buildings were 2-stories.

Following below are photos of the Square Tower Village of Hovenweep.
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Stronghold House
Eroded Boulder House
Hovenweep Castle
Hovenweep House