Helper and Price Utah were a primary sources of Coal until Natural Gas became the energy source of choice.  Helper derived its name because a "helper" locomotive engine was added to help push the heavy loads of coal over Soldier Summit which has a peak elevation over 7,000 feet.  Presently, Helper is becoming an artist community, and I am confident that it succeeds.  Helper has much going on; some historic and cool, some revived, some old, some new, some art, lots history, all wonderful.  The first eighteen photos were taken in 2018.  Photos following that first group of 18, were taken in 2022 when Ginny Mageras accompanied me to Helper's annual August Art Festival and photos she took (an accomplished photographer) are credited to her.

Price, Utah was home to the Nation's first J.C. Penney Co. store.  A direct competitor to Sears & Roebuck stores.  At one point, Price was the Western State's Coal Mining capital.  Today it is slowly fading away with time. The coal industry is disappearing.  Price a pleasant town that still serves exceptionally good coffee, affordable breakfasts & great beers.
August 2018.  Much remains the same, but changes are taking place. Photos above were taken in 2018.  Helper photos from 2021 & 2022 follow below.  It's happening!  Helper is gaining national recognition as becoming an artist community!   Each August, Helper holds a wonderful Art Festival. 
Most of the 2022 photos in this section were taken by Ginny Mageras who also appears in several of the photos. 

Helper's Lincoln Hotel houses a fabulous low-volume model vintage Harley-Davidson Collection and also has rooms to let, again.
August 2022. Recollections of what took place in Park City during the late-1970's.  The building restoration process in Helper is commendable.
Most of the 2022 photos in this section were taken by Ginny Mageras who appears in several of the photos She is an expert at working colors on her iPhone.