Copyright © 2018 by Raymond Cannefax

Does it have merit? 
Has it ever had merit?
Is it not a means of promoting unpleasant incidents?
Is it not often gruesome and grotesque, showcasing the maimed and dead?
Is it not usually intended to tell us of disasters that have destroyed life and property?
Does it not take us on the manhunt of murderers who killed everyone in the convenience store, even the little Cocker Spaniel shopping for dog food for her puppies?
Does it not provide us accurate headcounts of the dead children and teachers after a school slaughter?
Does it not do a great job in telling us about "rigged and stolen" elections?
Does it not help generate riots that injure, main and kill innocent individuals?

It is rarely uplifting, but Lester Holt ends his news cast with pleasant material that brings a smile.
It is usually the delivery of depression to the millions who are firmly affixed to their televisions sets, bathing in the glow of the screen and savoring news, knowing there were only two fatalities while five others on the school bus survived with various injuries and knowing that the driver will be brought to trial for going too fast on the icy corner. Come on, it’s not like he meant to do that. It's not like he knew that there was ice on that one spot on the road.

It is history!
There is nothing we can do to reverse time.
There is nothing to be done by anyone to right the wrong or bring back the dead or heal the maimed.
There is little to be learned other than that our world is filled with complex issues, disturbed individuals and sadness.

It happens, and as a society we have been taught to view it, read it, digest it, and worst of all, believe it, get heartaches over it, 
get depressed by it, get into arguments and debates about it, and mostly, allow it to bum us out.
The heart attacks caused by the news are acceptable and get no mention while heart attack from excessive exercise at a gym get labeled as Breaking News.

"I have difficulty sleep at night," I said to my doctor.
That was news to Dr. Ahn who asked me to describe my evening activities before going to sleep.
At the very end I said, “...and I watch the Ten O’clock News just before I turn in.” 
“Don’t do that!" she said. "If you really must know and think you can change things, read the morning Newspaper, but go without the negative thoughts you get from broadcast news on the nightly ten o'clock news broadcast.” 
I sleep much better since following her advice.
Yet, there are sleepless moments as I am having right now, writing this brief essay about the terror news generates within us, knowing when I set this pen aside, I will return to a pleasant slumber as I've purged my brain of thoughts about news.

Warren Beatty and Fay Dunaway may not sleep well tonight considering their Oscar presentation of their 2017 Best Movie announcement was with error, but they will be over it by breakfast, or maybe the third martini at the after-party, or....

For the news slingers, the anchors, it has given them fodder to fill the airwaves as they each dissect each incident to determine who was to blame and why, and if there was a conspiracy, or if the Russians may have interfered, when in reality it was just a simple case of human error that had no impact on anyone other than perhaps the families of the deceased.

I could continue by addressing Fake News, but that would only give those separate souls who create that fake shit more exposure than a turd is worth.

Other than possibly helping us not repeat the past, news has little merit other than to steal the sleep of those who sit in their living rooms, watching the television and who will never make the News.