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Starry Night 

Through her bedroom window she studies the clouds illuminated by the full moon and enjoys the puffs of subdued white, yellowish-lavender, and pink pillows floating across the sky. An occasional star peaks through the mist as clouds are ushered along by the wind. Laying there, she feels a little like Vincent may have felt when he took brush to canvas and created his rendition of what he observed in the heavens on that starry night in southern France.  Like Vincent, she has a great command of the color spectrum.

Not only was it Vincent's imagination that created the painting so many generations have adored and continue to adore.  His imagination was certainly aided by the moon playing with the clouds and by the stars playing their game of peek-a-boo that imprinted on Vincent's brain his interpretation of what he saw taking place in the heavens on that starry night.   Vincent clearly enjoyed a wonderful, starry night.

It is three o'clock in the morning and the clouds are getting brighter as the moon moves toward the west. What Ginny observes through her window is a light-show powerful enough to let Timothy Leary set aside his mind-altering experiments and savor what
the heavens are delivering overhead.

Gripping her camera, she attempts to capture what she is
observing on film, just as Vincent captured on canvas,
with oils, what he observed in the heavens on that starry 
night.  Her image will not be as vibrant as Vincent's,
but just as Vincent worked his oils, she will work on her 
image, capture on film, in the darkroom, so she may 
share with others what her mind's eye savored that night.

Arrest your concern, unlike Vincent, she will not cut off her 
ear; at least not on that wonderful morning.  

There are photos to be taken.