Salina,Utah.  The tower is from a WW-II POW Camp where 60 German prisoners of war were held, and where a deranged guard slaughtered the 60 German POW's being held at that camp. The German soldiers are buried at the Fort Douglas Military Cemetery in Salt Lake City.  
Scipio, Utah
Monument Valley. Bluff and area near Montezuma Creek, Ut.
Colorado Plateau and Capital Reef National Park - Photos inside park and nearby, outside of park.
Oldest petroglyphs in North America. Sand Island site.
Green River, Utah.  Ray's has the best burgers in Utah
Arches N. P.

John Wayne's home when filming in Monument Valley.  A myth, John Wayne resided at the Apache Motel, in the John Wayne Suite which can still be booked.
Determination Towers, Moab, UT
Dinosaur tracks near Determination Towers, Utah.  

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