Wild Mustangs continue to roam the open plains of the west.  The photos were taken in south-east Utah.  It is interesting to watch the interaction of the head stallions, as two herds of wild horses reached the watering hole at the same time.  
  Windmills in the middle of nowhere indicate that there will be wild animals coming to quench their thirst.  Along with the mustangs, there were a herd of cattle watering from the water troths.  Shot over two years, the windmills operate to water livestock, and wild horses are near the intersection of County Road #10 and Hatch Trading Post Road, in the south-east corner of Utah on the Cajon Mesa.
  Catching these mustangs at the watering holes is hit and miss.  During my June 2023 visit to this region, I caught none near the watering holes, but did see a small family consisting of a stallion, two mares, with two two-year-old colts and two colts born this spring.  
  The black stallion is clearly the aggressor, charging after a number of the horses from the other herd.  The brown stallion, I presume the top horse in the other herd, gave him a run for his money.  I could not have asked for more.