Short Stories from subconscious intrusions into my normal thought process. Some are recent, some are old.  Some previously published material is posted here as well.  Prior articles can be copied without damaging the original will be included. Newspaper articles that cover an entire page are difficult to copy without a commercial size scanner.

My recollection of serious reading goes back to  my childhood where I spent mornings under over-stuffed down-feather comforters reading Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales.  I still have that book (published in 1938) that so influenced me to put tales on paper, something I attempt to do.  My first published writings were  in the Salt Lake Tribune and regional magazines; my sincere thanks to Tom McCarthy.  One book is published.- Successful Management 101 - The Manager's Manual.   A book of poetry and prose is ready for print - Love & Disdain, and the edit of my first novel - Bad Timing, is in process.
Medicine Man - 

"Many years ago, in a rustic diner in a small village in the mountains of New Mexico, Ruidoso, I spent an evening with an Apache elder. At some point during our conversation I learned.......,,,   Read More

Does it have merit?
Did it every have merit?
Is it not a means of telling us of...........       Read  More
Right or Wrong -

Years of doing the right thing is commendable. Most functioning at his level in society do that; they do the “right thing”....    Read More
He Died Peacefully in His Sleep -

​‘He died peacefully in his sleep.’ The obituaries in the Daily News tell us that frequently......            Read More
Starry Night -

Through my bedroom window I looked at the clouds illuminated by the full moon and studied the puffs of subdued white, yellowish and faint-purple/pink pillows floating …..                              Read More

Being addicted to music is considerably different than an addiction to heroin, opioids, sex or booze, but it's still an addiction.......                                Read More

Margret Card -

Margret Card is a highly talented artists who continues a lengthy and successful career as a painter and to date, still creates a piece of two.  Published in Expression Magazine in 1981.  
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Hitchhiker -

In the not too distant past, when rolling down country roads, I would often spot someone with arm extended, thumb in the air, politely and silently asking to be given a lift, a hitchhiker....        Read More
Edward Abbey -

​Edward Paul Abbey should never have been revealed to me. His words are those of the teacher from whom I longed to learn throughout my life. My dear friend and mentor, Sammy Freeman.....                    Read More

 I am not rolled about by white uniformed attendants unable to smile. I am pleased to declare it is my good fortune to not be an invalid under anyone's domain or care and still capable of moving about freely.