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I thank Ernest Hemingway for "What Reward, without Risk?"  I thank Edward Abbey for "Resist Much, Obey Little!" Great advice from two of the 20th Century's greatest writers.  Advice to which I continue to adhere.  I thank Sammy Freeman and Adnan Khashoggi for their lessons and guidance regarding business and life in general.  Knowledge utilized throughout my life.

Chronicling The Wild that Remains is one reason for taking risks and obeying little.  Chronicling the Wild allows us to exhibit what can be done with photographs and words.  I invite visitors to submit photos and material they create.

Buffalo and wild Mustangs continue to roam the deserts, desolate canyons, mountains and plains.  Wild they may be, gentle they are, unless threatened.  For me, few things are as pleasing as being on the open range, close to these wild creatures, and being able to experience that they remain free.  I love that sensation so much that I have moved to Moab, Utah, living in one of the last houses on the east side of Moab, next to the wild desert, where white-tail deer eat most things I plant and graze in my back yard.

I intend to add the works of other great artists, photographers and writers I have come to this site.

Follow the links to material that interests you.  Photos to the right are additional links. 

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The road rolls on forever...
Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany is where it all began  
 When America's biggest   Ballroom was being   turned into a Parking   Lot, I  promoted  the   Farewell Party for the   world  renown concert   venue on Dec. 11, 1981.   
  'A  Farewell To The       Terrace' was the   Queen's last event..
Well known Salt Lake City architect, Peter Emerson created the poster
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Some poems from  Love & Disdain, are here as well.
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