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"The only value we have as human beings, 
  are the risks we are willing to take."                                                                Ernest Hemingway                                                   
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    Wild mustangs and buffalo continue to roam America's deserts, desolate canyons and plateaus.  Wild they may be, gentle they are. After decades of roaming the Colorado Plateau and living in Moab for two years, the 20,000 endless roads I traveled down, down, down, took me back to my Holladay home in 2022. White-line fever has subsided, yet I recognize that I am not fully cured or immune. .  
   Thank you, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Jefferson for: "What Reward, Without Risk?" Thanks to Edward Abbey for reinforcing the rebel spirit: "Resist Much, Obey Little". I thank Sammy Freeman and Adnan Khashoggi for lessons and guidance regarding family and business. They provided wisdoms I utilized throughout my life. 
  "Never a Dull Moment" is a philosophy to which I continue to adhere. I cannot imagine life without challenges, learning, growth and fun filled activities, all with differing levels of risk.  I am confident the Medicine Man blessing received in 1973, remains in effect.  A Jimmy Buffet quote: "I'd rather die while I'm living, than live while I'm dead."
   Chronicling The Wild that Remains is one reason for taking risks.  It allows one to experience, enjoy and share the wonders of the remaining open & wild spaces with friends and with those who can only roam the wild via the Internet. Let the photos, words, and spirit of this site take you into the wild which I have learned to enjoy and respect.  
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The road rolls on forever...
Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany is where it all began.  
 On Dec. 11, 1981, when   America's biggest   Ballroom was being   turned into a Parking   Lot, I promoted  the   Farewell Party for the   world-renown concert   venue, The Terrace Ballroom.   'A  Farewell to The Terrace' was the  Queen's last event.
Salt Lake City architect, Peter Emerson, created the poster.
Claudia Appling, aka Montana Rose, opened the show with Joni Mitchell's Yellow Taxi;  "They took Paradise and put up a Parking Lot."  
Cow Jazz played one hell of a concert and a great night was had by all.
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At 7 AM, John Florence's 'Brand New Day' program, brings musical diversity to continuously expand our musical soul. 90.9 FM, Weekdays 7 - 10 AM
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Poems & Short Stories from my upcoming book:
Tales of Love & Hate
 Release date, August 2024.
The Terrace Ballroom's Curtain Call -
EAS is a life-saving technology I invented and funded with promises from the U.S. DOT of a grant. When the Sec. of Transportation was changed, all those promises left with him, along with their interest in this technology.
I was going to delete this information but felt it significant enough to leave in place. The auto industry can now implement this with simple programming and tying a signal from an emergency vehicle to an alert over modern automobile audio systems. April 2024, and not yet available.
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Backroads Utah is  photographically preserving Utah's rural communities and places of historical significant on Utah's back roads.
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"In wildness is the preservation of the world."
                                                  - Henry David Thoreau
 "Inspiration knows not how to tell time.
                 she comes when she wants....."
                                                 Raymond Cannefax
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