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 What Reward.. 
     ..without Risk?
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Welcome - 

Thanks for dropping by.  This site shares many of my personal interests. Throughout my life I maintained balance with activities that included photography, writing, racing cars and bicycles, travel and exploration.  Learning, I truly believe, is a never ending process we should continue with passion. The photos and stories in this site are my way of sharing stuff I find interesting. Hopefully, it'll be interesting to you as well.  Capturing an image with my camera has been a constant activity and challenge.  A colleague once introduced me at a corporate event as an artist imprisoned in a Gucci suit and expensive shoes.  He may be right, as I've found the creative process responsible for my successes.

Our world offers so much, and holds secrets undiscovered unless explored. Exploration of the unknown has inherent 'risks' and in the words of Hemingway: "What reward, without risk?"  Fortunately, I've survived the risks.

Following extensive global travels, I returned to my passion of education, teaching entrepreneurship and career awareness. At Westminster College I engage in a monthly round-table to explore and discuss cultural diversity.  My entrepreneurial endeavor remains focused on implementing life-saving technology to reduced fatalities and accidents involving First Responders; Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters. I have turned to Richard Branson, Elon Musk for assistance and in getting the auto industry to implement this life-saving technology, developed in 2011, into every new automobiles that rolls off an assembly line. See for details.

My thanks to those who've shared adventures, regardless of how sensible or insane they may have been.  Photography continues to be my focus, with an occasionally piece being published or hung in a gallery. Back roads, and off-road travel are my current pallet for adventure and photography.

Having lived life to the fullest, I thank Hemingway and Abbey for being great influencers. Their real-life escapades encouraged me to take insane risks I'd probably not taken otherwise. Though I have found myself in a corral filled with buffalo, I've yet to engage in Pamplona's Running of the Bulls, as Papa has.  I am slowly exploring unexplored canyons in Utah's high desert plateaus, and the canyons of which Abbey wrote. In SE Utah I chase wild horses.  When home, I thoroughly enjoy my time with my grand kids who I hope grow quickly and join me in future adventures.

Material is continually added.  Links below take you to recently added material on this site.  


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