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 What Reward.. 
     ..without Risk?
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Thanks for dropping by to visit Throughout my life I maintained balance between work and pleasure with activities such as writing,  photography, racing cars and bicycles, travel, exploration and learning.  Learning is a never ending process for which I have a passion. My photos and short stories are my way of sharing stuff I hope you find interesting. Capturing images with my camera has been a life-long activity and challenge, a challenge that remains ever present - how does one capture light as seen with the eye?

Our world offers so much, and holds secrets undiscovered unless explored. Exploration of the unknown has inherent 'risks' and in the words of Hemingway: "What reward, without risk?"  Go explore and survive the risks!

Following a successful career and extensive travels and adventures, I returned to my passion of education, teaching middle and high school.  At Westminster College I participated in a monthly round-table studying cultural diversity.  My entrepreneurial endeavors remain focused on implementing life-saving technologies that reduced fatalities and injuries of First Responders; Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters. I have turned to Richard Branson and Elon Musk for aid in getting the auto industry to incorporate this technology into all new cars. With the help of Fred Schwemmer, technology that should be in every new automobiles that rolls off an assembly line was developed over a three year time span. See for details.  The US DOT and DOJ provided constant input into what they felt necessary to the technology to be effective.  Anthony Foxx replacing Ray LaHoos as the Sec. of Transport, brought an end to this project.

My thanks to those who've shared adventures, regardless of how sensible or insane.  Photography, writing and teaching are my focus; an occasionally piece being published or hung in a gallery. Back roads, and off-road travel are my current pallets for adventure and photography.  I'm still chasing wild horses!

I thank Hemingway and Abbey for their influence. Their escapades encouraged me to take insane risks I'd probably not taken otherwise. Though I've not engaged in Pamplona's Running of the Bulls as Papa has, I have found myself in a corral filled with buffalo a couple times.  I explore unexplored canyons and draws in Utah's desert plateaus and mountains and canyons. In SE Utah I roam the Colorado Plateau to chase wild horses.  When home, I enjoy time with my grand kids who I hope grow quickly and join me chasing wild horses - figuratively and literally.  I know it will take place within their spirits.

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